Join as Uprising Interns of 2021

Here's your questions, answered to the point!

Explore the hub of innovation; where exceptional minds meet together, to create full-fledged transformation services. We’re a team of designers, developers, engineers, and creatives; to build digital-first solutions for the fastest growing economy.

We understand there are confusion in your mind before the application process. Please browse the questions to find clarity!

Yes, the recruitment is open till August 10, 2021. All applicants are encouraged to drop their CV and Portfolio within the set deadline. We’ll not be accepting any submission afterwards.

Nope, we don’t discriminate at all. In fact, we encourage fresh minds that bring in new perspectives and innovations. Please feel free to submit yours regardless of your age!

You’ll gain a true understanding of how real market scenario works and get free trainings to boost up your professional, emotional, and critical thinking skills. Upon performance, we might open a full-time position just for you.

We always look for people who can bring in new ideas and innovations to the table; if certain moments of spark gets visible in your communication, we’ll definitely try to fit you in full-time member at our organization!

Since the ongoing pandemic is getting rough in our lives, we recommend working from home, as long as you’re updating regularly on your tasks, it’s all good to go!

We’re looking for aspiring fresh talents to join in the department for:
1. ‘Audio-Visuals’ 2. Web Enthusiasts 3. Copywriters 

To apply, please email your CV and Portfolio with a subject line of ”New Uprising Intern of 2021″ at the following address <> 

We’ll be confirming your appointment to discuss further via email. 

Sense your position responsibilities below!

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Visual Artists?

You’re that person, who’s always in the run for a better graphical aspiration. From hunting down the best visuals from behance to roaming all around Facebook in search for inspiration. Yes, we’re looking just for you. Come, it’s time to extend your horizon with us!

These are the things we encourage you, to have in your mind: 

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Web Enthusiasts?

Done with your courses of web designing, development and now looking for a right market fit opportunity to learn from the real scenario? We’re here to guide you for your next best destination in your web journey. There’s more to exploring than all the ‘John Doe’ of your life.  Apply now, to get hands on experience & take your skill to the next level.

These are the things we encourage you, to have in your mind: 

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Growth Writers?

You’re one of a kind soul, who has thousands of things hovering in the mind, often not so expressive in the public, but surely rocks it; when it comes down to writing them out! We understand you have this desire of making this potential skill, to fit right in something meaningful. Join us, to see the world of opportunities of your words, in the real market!

Drop your CV by 10 Aug, 2021

24/7 Hotline : +880-1321085411

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